10-Minute Trainer Workout

Two Methods for you to get 10-Minute Trainer Workout :

  • Buy DVD Edition – send dvd package to your house.
  • Buy Digital Edition – send digital download information to your email for you to download by yourself.

Method 1: DVD Edition
What you will get ?

5 DVDs Package
DVD 1 : Cardio
5 DVDs Package
DVD 2 : Total-Body
5 DVDs Package
DVD 3 : Lower-Body
5 DVDs Package
DVD 4 : Abs
 5 DVDs Package
DVD 5 : Yoga Flex
 Customized Workout Calendar Paper
 Rapid Results Guidebook  10-Minute Recipe Guide
 Tony’s On-the-Go Workout Cards  2-Day Jump Start Plan

DVD Edition, include 5 DVDs , Five book and Paper , mail to your house.

What Price In
Payment: VISA Card or Western Union
What Price In
Shipping Carrier: EMS

Delivery Time: 14-16 days (from you paid)

What price We supply you?
Player Support:  DVD Player

Method 2: Digital Edition
What you will get ?

5 MP4 Workout Videos
Video 1 : Cardio
5 MP4 Workout Videos
Video 2 : Total-Body
5 MP4 Workout Videos
Video 3 : Lower-Body
5 MP4 Workout Videos
Video 4 : Abs
5 MP4 Workout Videos
Video 5 : Yoga Flex
Customized Workout Calendar
PDF format
Rapid Results Guidebook
PDF format
10-Minute Recipe Guide
PDF format
Tony’s On-the-Go Workout Cards
PDF format
2-Day Jump Start Plan
PDF format

Digital Edition, include 5 MP4 Videos , Five ebooks for you to download.

What Price In
No Sell !
Payment: paypal or credit card
What Price In
No Sell !
Shipping Way: send by email – digital download information will send to your email.

Delivery Time: within 12 hours (from you paid)

What price We supply you?
Player Support: computer, ipad, iphone, or other mobile phone which support MP4 video.

Compare These Two Edition

DVD Edition Digital Edition
What you will get? Same Same
how to play?  need dvd player  Computer,Iphone,Ipad…
Price?  49.99$  11$
Delivery Time ?  14-16 Days  within 12 hours
 Shipping Fee ? Included  None
 Shipping Way ?  EMS, USPS  Send digital download information to your email,

you can download by yourself

How to Order Digital Edition?

1. Click below “Buy Now” button, go to keepworkout website

2. Click “Add to Cart” button,Then you will at shipping cart, Click “Checkout” button.Then check step by step.

3.Enter your shipping and email information, Click “Submit your Information”, Click “Continue”.

4. Choose payment you want to use, like Visa Card or Western Union. Final Click to Pay.

5. We will send a email to your Pay-Pay-Email include the download link and Password within 12 hours. If you want us to send to your new email address, please let us

6. Just Copy the download url (in your email) to your browser to open it, and Enter the Password (in your email), Like:


7. Then You will go to file download detailed list, click a file from the list to start the download process,like:


8. Over, enjoy it !

About Download:

Please use a computer (windows or Mac) to download.
Do not use ipad or mobile phone (iphone,etc) to download, they are not work !
If you like, after downloaded to your computer, you can copy or move videos to your ipad or mobile phone. They can play at your ipad or mobile phone.

Why You Should Choose Us?

1. Save Your Time ! you time is precious, You do not need to spend so much time to find download websites at internet, Which most of websites are spam,virus,survey,… They do not want to give you real workout package.

2. Save Your Money ! We are the only download workout supplier at internet, the price is very affordable for you.

3. Good customer service ! If you have any questions, we will deal with it for you in 24 hours.

4. 90 Days Money Back Policy ! Not risk to buy products from us !

What results you will get after 28 Days? Read this youtue video:

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